Male (age unknown) When I was young I cooked pizza from scratch nearly every day. My parents would tell people what a wiz I was in the kitchen. They encouraged me by buying me ingredients. I became an expert on making pizza and now own a pizza restaurant. Truth is that I hate pizza. I used to make pizza when I was young just because my friend taught me that you could have sex or masturbate with uncooked pizza dough and it felt better than your hand. I would make pizza nearly every day as a front, so I could make extra dough to masturbate with. I even sold plastic cups of dough that I dyed florescent colors to other boys telling them it was sexual play dough especially for masturbation. Made up some story that a relative worked in a sex toy factory and stole the recipe.
Male (aged 14) I’m not making this shit up. I dreamed I fucked a mermaid and when I woke up there was sand between my toes and my duvet and pillow smelled like a fishmongers.

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Male (aged 16) When I jerk off I can only stay horny if I imagine I have the pussy and my girlfriend has the dick. If I’m sticking my dick in her pussy in my thoughts I lose my erection and can’t cum. If she’s sticking a huge imaginary dick in my imaginary pussy, I’m stiff as a rock and cum buckets.
Male (aged 22) Started dating a blonde. She was average. 7/10. Things are going alright. She’s quirky but fun. Dat ass. Second date, we go to her place. She wants the D. Start to go down on her. Stops me. Wants to play doctor. Blindfolds me. Kinky but okay. Fingers my asshole. Enjoy more than expected. She starts making clicking sound with her mouth, like a horse galloping. Suddenly there is sharp pain in asshole. Rip blindfold off. Crazy bitch is galloping a small plastic horse up my leg to join the one she’s just put in my asshole. Says my condition is ‘stable’.
Female ( aged 18 ) I pegged my ex-boyfriend with a makeshift strap-on (made out of a vibrator, duct tape, and a pair of old panties) a few months after we broke up. It was in the backseat of a Buick. The ironic part of this story is I’m still a virgin.

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Male. I have one those pet electric fences. I like to lie on the floor with my feet facing it, masturbate and touch it with my toes when I cum. Feels good, man. The shock isn’t too powerful.

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Female (aged 25) Dated a man who wanted me to squat over his face and piss and shit. I nearly vomited on him when he said it, but he would have probably got off on that too.

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If you want your partner - male or female - to engage in anal sex, dip your finger in itching powder, put your hands down their pants and, while feeling their ass, rub a bit of itching powder on their asshole. Trust me, they WILL do anal and they WILL enjoy it after that. In fact, they’ll be begging your for it to relieve them of the itching.

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Male (aged 18): I went out with a freaky Mormon girl who, when in the missionary position, would try to shove one of my balls in her ass. Also sometimes she just wanted anal, no kissing, no foreplay, just spit on her asshole and plow.

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The Luka “Canadian Psycho” Sex Confessions

These two confessions are 100% genuine and were written a year or so before the kitten killing incident and the murder and dismemberment of his partner. I have left them exactly how they were written and haven’t corrected the spelling or grammar. I think they are better that way. The first one is a straightforward confession. The second one is an open letter to an online love interest where he reveals his fantasies. That was has one or two mini-confessions thrown into it.

The Straight One

My name is Luka Magnotta and this is my nightmare.

Well this is a hard story to write for the wounds are still very fresh . Don’t think they will ever be healed ..

I made a big mistake a few years ago, you see..while my father is a very nice person..he also has a horriable dark side. He is an alcohalic and prescription drug abusier and pill addict.

For days he would take overdoses of pills and fall asleep in the bathtub, My stepmother Joanne and I would try and try to help him…but it was no use. He would fall down stairs drunk and would have to be rushed away in ambulances constantly…he even broke his rib, and on one occasion he broke his leg and arm because he was so self medicated he fell into a ditch at 2am and almost frooze to death…luckily a neighbour of his was able to save him.

He would sleep 23hours out of the day and ended up gaining an enormous amount of weight. So my stepmother got really tired of being alone. She would always call me for support on the phone and we would talk all night long…she would call me for help and advice when she wouldnt know what to do.

So slowly I began comming over to my parants house and spending time with her…while my father was still asleep on the sofa.

She would offer me drinks and we would sit up all night watching movies like Basic Instinct and Point of No Return.

One night she didnt want to watch movies with me..she wanted to take things further…She started to speak about sex and she told me it was very hot in her she took her top off. Then without warning she kissed me. I personally was shocked and didnt know what to expect? All I could think of AND SEE was my father ..laying right there next to us passed out and drunk.

Joanne still wanted to go further so we took eachothers clothing off and began to kiss and have sex. This kept going on for months. I know what you may be thinking if your reading this..but im NOT sick…sometimes things just happen and you cant control them.

Joanne and I would spend our time at the Metro zoo..we even had sex next to the wolfs chages. Very erotic. We would have sex at her mother place while her mom was at work. Then Joanne said she wanted to leave my father and marry me! I was very confused and didnt know what to do. So I tryed to back her off a bit. We continued to have relations at my parants place for a few more weeks and then I told her I found someone else. I still feel very bad, and my father doesnt know. Everytime I look at him I feel guilty and dont know what to say.

He has gotten help and is not an alcohalic anylonger…thank god and him and Joanne are back with one another.They are happy and we all go on trips to the beach. Joanne still flirts with me and we see each other naked..but other then that…noone knows.

Was I wrong to have sex with her? Even though my father couldnt fullfil her needs and she was lonely and depressed?

I feel like I was helping everyone and doing my father a favour.

I thinks its best he doesnt know about our affair? Or randevouz as I like to call it.

Luka Magnotta

The Gay One

Anyways, this is for you and you know who you are.

I have already told you that im a complete submissive masacist and that I love for your big bad ass to control me.

I am totally into being a submissive sub for autharitive figures. I specially LOVE that your in the Military. Your my bad ass military man. I cant wait for you to take my ass with your BIG weapon when you get home. I know you enjoyed all the pics I sent you.

Like I told you, I will do WHATEVER you say because your my master and you own my faggot ass. I love the idea you had about forcing me to lick your military boots while all your friends are so strong and muscular and dominate which totally turns me on.

I have shaved ALL my body hair off for you because I know thats just how you like me. I cant wait to be handcuffed and beaten by you. You really turn me on when you say you want to use me as your personal punching bag…

You can whip my ass into shape for sure. SIR YES SIR. I want you to take my ass hard and fast. Im wearing my tighty whiteys right now and hard thinking of you…

I have a throbbing cock everytime I look at your photos. I feel like my life is perfect now since I met you. My dream life has finally come true! your the KING and im your submissive prince who will do WHATEVER you want.

I know im not worthy to be suking your BIG cock but I really fantasise about it ALL day long when im sucking other guys dicks…im secretly thinking of you. Today I fucked a hot cop in his 30’s and he threw me around the room and fucked me REAL was so hot.

Also I fucked three women this week and their cunts were SO tight. They would NEVER guess that im such a faggot cocksucker and I have such a HOT master.

I am your personal cocksucker and ill suck ALL your friends just for you…to proove to you that I can follow ALL your orders.

Yes, I know im a whore and that I have fucked over 10,000 people (Men and Women) but I really want to be JUST yours. I cant wait to come to your seclded home in the woods. That way we wont be interupted.

I will wear the dog collar and if im bad you can do that thing to me…… know with the dogs…

You wont be disipointed with me because I am totally owned by you now. Everyday I love reading ALL your emails and doing EVERYTHING you say.


Your bad cocky prince

Luka ;)